Everyone is sharing that Derek Jeter commercial with Sinatra’s “My Way” playing. I replaced Sinatra’s “My Way” with Limp Bizkit’s “My Way,” and the ending timed up perfectly. For Korked Bats. Please like and share if you enjoyed!

This is Monday! Come and laugh, Brooklyn. Kicking of the Brooklyn Comedy Festival in grand fashion.

Guys get shamelessly hit on in public, too. I was on the train and a girl looked me up and down and mumbled something at me.

"What?" I replied.
"You’re standing on my foot" she said, staring down at my foot. 
So I shouted back: “Um, my eyes are UP HERE, thank you!” 

Come on people, try to not seem so desperate.

Hey friends!

I’m out in LA for a few days next week, and here are some shows you can come to! 

Sunday 6/29 at Flapper’s in Burbank at 7pm

Monday 6/30 at Pancho’s in Manhattan Beach at 8:30. Free.

Tuesday 7/01 at Kill Crush Comedy at Busby’s East, 8:30pm. Free.

Wednesday 7/02 Woodland Hills, 9pm


Sometimes a comedian compliments another comedian not based on anything to do with being a comedian, but based on just being a good person. In this compliment, comedian Christi Chiello lets comedian Kyle Ayers know how “wonderful” he is. She hopes “[Ayers’s] birthday is as great as [Ayers is]!” Ayers responds with a comment that simply reads, “the best!” What more is there to say? Chiello feels “very lucky” to have Ayers’s friendship. And we at CCC feel very lucky to have this compliment on our blog. Cheers to you both! 

A while back, I got bored and put an ad on Craiglist for Mad Men-themed adult film scenes. The response was overwhelming, and now some of my favorite people and I are going to act them out, live on stage. This Saturday, May 24th at 8:30pm at Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn, NY. 

It’s going to be an absolute blast, I promise. It’s FREE!

Here’s a tiny sample: